RC3000 - Short and handy (exhaust hose option)


  • Short and slim design for confined areas
  • With ergonomic option to assemble a silencing exhaust hose system that also guides away cold and lubricated air


  • 1/4" ratchet
  • Length only 180 mm
  • Rear exhaust


Part number8951078012
Square drive1/4" 
Working torque Range20 Nm 
Max torque30 Nm 
Free speed230 rpm
Net weight0.55 kg 
Length180 mm 
Average air consumption100 l/mn 
Actual air consumption300 l/mn 
Air inlet thread size1/4 "
Min. hose size8 mm 
Sound DBA pressure89.6 db(A)
Sound pressure81.2 db(A)
Vibration (ISO-8662-7)2.8 m/s²
Vibration α (ISO-28927-2)3.91 m/s²
Vibration K (ISO-28927-2)1.9 m/s²
Sound DBA pressure89.6
Box dimensions59x233x48